Jon Holst-Christensen

One of the biggest personalities in Danish sports with an amazing radiance on the court. The little terrier simply never gave up and he could really excite the spectators.
Jon’s partnership in men’s doubles with Thomas Lund was legendary. Later on he formed a partnership with Ann Jørgensen in mixed doubles, and with her he tried to fulfil his dream of becomming a World Champion – but he never succeeded. Jon was famous for his hop smash and drawn hop drop and for an amazing defensive where “impossible” strokes was saved.
With Thomas Lund as his partner he won the men’s doubles at Danish Open in 1992, ’93, ’95 and ’97. And three times he reached the finals at the World Championships also with Thomas Lund.
In 1993 he won the All England final. With Ann Jørgensen he won, among many other titles, a Silver medal at the European Championships in 1998.

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