Marie Ussing

Marie Ussing is the last of the Danish girls for a long period, who managed to compete at the top level of international badminton.
She won the All England Championships in women’s singles in both 1947 and 1953. A fine achievement with so many years in between. She was succeeded by the eminent Judy Devlin, who won All England ten times in the following years. Marie Ussing was the last Danish singles-winner for the next 25 years. The next time a Danish girl wins the women’s singles is in 1979 – Lene Køppen.
Marie Ussing never became a Danish Champion in women’s singles but she won in women’s doubles in 1944, 1945 and 1952 with Jytte Thayssen (Kjems) as her partner. Ussing played for the national team until the mid 50’s.

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