Michael Søgaard

Between the rallies Michael Søgaard sometimes looked very relaxed, and he might seem as if he felt the match was too easy – but one shouldn’t be fooled by that. It was just his style and suddenly, when the game started again, he was like a jack in the box and then he played badminton like you had never seen it before.
Søgaard was a fighter and he had a huge talent. Søgaard was relatively old when he made it to the highest international level but then he managed to stay at the top in both men’s doubles and mixed doubles.
Michael was very fast and was blessed with a very good foot-work, which made him capable of returning the most “impossible” strokes. He used his fastness to maintain his attacks from the backline, and he also had a good eye for the net play – he liked to take chances when he moved forward on the court.
Among the many titles are e.g. Danish Championships in men’s doubles in 1994, 1997-1998 and 2000, plus three victories in mixed doubles with Rikke Olsen in 1999, 2001 and 2002. With Rikke Olsen he also won Denmark Open in 2000, and with Jon Holst-Christensen as his partner he won a Gold medal in men’s doubles at the same tournament.
Søgaard became European Champion twice, and in 1998 and 2001 he made it to the finals at The All England Championships. Søgaard was no. four at the Olympic Games in 2000 in mixed doubles with Rikke Olsen.

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