Steen Skovgaard

Steen Skovgaard is definitely one of the best doubles players in the history of Danish badminton, but he had great difficulty making it all the way to the international top level.
At times, his game appeared somewhat inconsistent; mixing brilliant winners with a lot of unforced errors.
In 1977 he celebrated the greatest victory of his career by winning the World Championship in mixed doubles with Danish Lene Køppen. Throughout the final Steen played his usual game, shifting from greatness to hopelessness, but the pair pulled trough and won the match 15/12, 18/17. As the result indicates, it was a tight match where their opponents were convinced they lost the first set due to a wrong call from one of the linesmen, and after a heated discussion the head judge actually decided to replace the linesman.
The year before, Steen had made it to the final in men’s doubles with Svend Pri and in 1978 he and Lene attempted to hold on to the title in the mixed doubles final. Unfortunately he had to make due with a silver medal both times.
In addition to his All England triumph, Steen won the Nordic Championship once in men’s doubles and six times in mixed doubles with Lene.
Furthermore he became national champion twice in men’s doubles and as many as five times in a row in mixed doubles. Steen played 38 matches for Denmark from 1973 to 1983.

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