Ulla Strand

Next after Tonny Ahm, Ulla Strand is the Danish female player who has won the most championships.
She reached the finals at All England 15 times and was able to get her hands on the trophy ten times. One of the few times she was not able to take home the trophy was when she played Ursula Smith, England, in the final in 1965.
She also won seven championships in mixed doubles and three in women’s doubles during her All England reign.
This player did well both nationally and international, which she proved by winning the National Championship three times in women’s singles, ten times in women’s doubles and eight times in mixed doubles.
Furthermore she took home the Nordic Championship as many as 19 times, with four championships in singles, six in women’s doubles and nine in mixed doubles.
Throughout the period 1961 to 1975, Ulla Strand played 34 matches for Denmark.

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