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Badminton Denmark enters agreement with MAAB Probiotics to promote Denmark’s innovation in probiotics

June 25, 2021 9:00 Published by

Henceforth, the letters MAAB will be highlighting the collars of the Danish national coaches when guiding the Danish top players to victory, as Badminton Denmark has agreed with the Danish-New Zealand life science company MAAB. 


A badminton coach’s hunch and gut feeling are important measures taken into account when steering the Danish top players in a victorious direction – and now, the way to an even better basis for this has been cleared.

At least, Badminton Denmark and MAAB, who first and foremost produces and invests in probiotics and probiotics technologies, respectively, have entered into a sponsorship agreement regarding the Danish national coaches starting from this year.

– We are very happy and excited about this new partnership with MAAB. We have indeed been able to find common ground and are completely align, when it comes to what we wish to achieve together as well as individually. I am confident, that this is the beginning of a viable relationship of benefit to the Danish national teams, players and Danish badminton overall, says Bo Jensen, CEO of Badminton Denmark.

MAAB was founded by pharmaceutical industry veterans with the passion to incubate and commercialize innovative medical products that make a difference to people’s lives. The company is headquartered in New Zealand with operations in China, Denmark and UK through their trusted partners.

MAAB’s evidence-based probiotic products are produced in Denmark with GMP standards. For MAAB it is to a great extent the values, history and recognizability of Badminton Denmark, that caught the company’s attention.

Furthermore, Denmark is globally a country renowned for its high-quality standards, tells says co-founder of MAAB, Alex Lou.

– The Danish identity, quality, dedication and ability to evolve to stay in the game, I believe are the shared spirits between MAAB’s brand and Badminton Denmark’s, says Alex Lou, adding:

– Being a family-owned business, decision making is simple: we work with products that we can feel proud of and put our names behind it to build a sustainable business for ourselves, our employees and partners.

Like more of Badminton Denmark’s current and former business partners, MAAB has its greatest market in China. In addition, the company has its eyes on growing interests from US and other Asian markets. An ambition shared by CEO of Badminton Denmark, Bo Jensen.

– The sport of badminton is simply huge in China and Asia in general, and Denmark has always been among the world’s best badminton nations. For companies operating in Asia, the Danish national teams, the Danish top players and our federation has for number of years proved to be great ambassadors, but also a terrific link between Denmark and Asia in regards of business activities, says Bo Jensen.