Camilla Martin

Camilla Martin was undeniably Denmark’s number one in singles for more than ten years. 13 Danish Championships in a row from 1990 to 2003 speaks for itself.
Camilla was very straight-forward and easy-going. But she could also be quite strict and she didn’t let anybody tell her what to do.
When she lost in the quarter final at the World Championships in Scotland in ’97, she seriously reconsidered her career but fortunately she decided to continue to play badminton. This led her to several victories where she has defeated all the best players in the world.
She went all the way to the top when she became a World Champion in 1999 in Copenhagen. Her status as one of the world’s best players was once again stressed at the Olympic Games in Sydney. According to then national coach, Kenneth Larsen, she played her best tournament ever and won a Silver medal. Camilla had a very confident style with many hard clears and concealed drops; especially the one from her backhand corner was often a winner.
Her last Olympic Games were a disappointment and she lost to the British player, Tracy Hallam, in the second round. Camilla usually never lost to European players and she has characterized the match in Athens as one of the worst of her carrier.
She ended a brilliant carrier at the home tournament in Aarhus, Denmark Open 2004, where she reached the semi-finals and got a standing ovation from the audience as they said good bye. She won Denmark Open six times from 1994-1999 and in 2001 and 2002. Other victories include a Silver medal at All England in 1995 and Gold at the same tournament in 2002. She became European Champion in 1996, 1998 and 2000 and she also won Copenhagen Masters five times, the last time in 2001.
Her many victories and good looks made her an idol among thousands of young badminton players. She appeared on various TV-shows and was often interviewed in magazines. Camilla Martin therefore was one of – if not the – best known female athlete of her time.

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