Erland Kops

Erland Kops set an amazing record in 1967 when he won the All England Championship in men’s singles for the seventh time. Frank Devlin, Ireand, had six titles and when Erland beat this record, no one thought that it would ever be erased.
The first championship was obtained in 1958, the year after he had lost the final to Eddie B. Choong, Malaya. In 1958 Kops played against Finn Kobberø in the final. After the malay Tanjoe Hock won the title in 1959, Erland Kops won four times in a row. He didn’t get far in the 1964 tournament but won again in 1965 and in 1967 for the seventh time.
Erland Kops also won the title in men’s doubles – with Poul-Erik Nielsen in 1958 and with Henning Borch in 1967-69. Kops lost three finals in men’s doubles – in 1961 and 1964 with Poul-Erik Nielsen to Hammergaard/Kobberø, and in 1965 with the malay Oon Choong Jin to Ng Boon Bee/Tan Yee Khan.
He “only” succeeded in winning five Danish Championships in men’s singles and four championships in men’s doubles. He was Nordic Champion in men’s singles five times, three times in men’s doubles and twice in mixed doubles. Kops played 44 national matches for Denmark from 1957-1972.

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