Finally, top badminton is back: – We’re going to give it all we got in Odense

October 2, 2020 2:04 Published by


For the first time in seven months, world class badminton is back on the schedule as the DANISA DENMARK OPEN 2020 presented by VICTOR is to take place in less than two weeks. It will, undoubtedly, be with shining eyes, that players and coaches once again conquer the field of play and take on the challenge. – We’re going to give it all we got, says Danish men’s doubles player Anders Skaarup Rasmussen.


It’s been quite a bit more than a while, and the road has been long.

But finally, the time is right, and in less than two weeks the world elite returns to the courts for the first time in more than half a year.

And which better place to do so than in Odense for the DANISA DENMARK OPEN presented by VICTOR, which without being the first tournament for seven months will be the last of its caliber in 2020.

A man, that is close to bursting with expectation, is the right-handed half of the best Danish men’s double, Anders Skaarup Rasmussen.

– I practically can’t wait. The draws are just in, and we are eventually as close as we can get. It’s really going to be great to start playing again, and we’re indeed going to give it all we got, Anders Skaarup Rasmussen assures.

With the postponement of the Thomas & Uber Cup, the cancellation of the Denmark Masters, that should have followed the DANISA DENMARK OPEN 2020 presented by VICTOR, and last week’s postponement of the three tournaments in Asia, the so-called Asian Leg, the only remaining big event in the tournament calendar this year is the DANISA DENMARK OPEN 2020 presented by VICTOR.

Even though, we’re dealing with just one tournament in a calendar year, that under normal circumstances contains an abundance of matches and tournaments, it’s nothing to sneeze at according to Anders Skaarup Rasmussen.

– It’s really great, that this huge event is going to be carried out. This means, we will be getting a break from what has been an eternal training period, and, at last, we will get the chance to take some of the things in use, that we have worked on, on a daily basis. That is one of the things, I have missed the most, he says while also mentioning the feeling of entering the court and sensing that pulse and intensity it prompts.

Also, Danish national head coach Kenneth Jonassen considers it to be essential, that the players get back to action.

– Mentally, this very long period of training has indeed been about finding the purpose. Of course, every player wants to become better, improve and are able to find purpose in that. But another part of the motivation is about getting out and compete against other top players as well as feeling those layers, that you during a training period add to you game. Hence, it is, among other things, important to have a concrete goal to work towards, he says adding:

– It is, when being out and competing, that it becomes clear, where in your game you can optimize and fine-tune you game. It is not something, we can provoke solely by training. It is something, that the opponent has to expose, and that’s the reason why a lot of your development happens in the process, that lies between tournaments.

Asides from feeling the heart pump and the sweat trickle, as it only does in actual match situations, Anders Skaarup Rasmussen hopes that the holding of the DANISA DENMARK OPEN 2020 presented by VICTOR can show off as a good commercial example.

– I hope it will manifest itself, how happy and enthusiastic people are to be back on court on top level, and that this will give rise to some sort of awareness of, that we still have a great and worth seeing product of high intensity, even though that it necessarily is the 32 best players, that participate.