Jørgensen’s evil genius: Fourth defeat in four games against Christie in 2019

October 15, 2019 8:32 Published by

Jan Ø. Jørgensen made a great effort against the opponent he keeps running into, Jonathan Christie. As he won his first game against the Indonesian this year the hope was there but Christie’s quality was just too much.


If Jan Ø. Jørgensen and Jonathan Christie did not know each other very well before they entered 2019 they do now. Before the draw for DANISA DENMARK OPEN presented by VICTOR they had already faced each other three times during the year’s competitions and of course also a fourth time was waiting; this time at home for Jan. Another chance for him to change the tendency with Christie winning the previously three games but neither this time he succeeded losing 22-20, 12-21, 11-21.

– Christie is not a good match for me. I feel like I am coming closer and closer to a victory but miss out on some things. The team and I have had some good plans that worked partly but also needed me to execute better to achieve the goal, Jørgensen told about his opponent.

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Jørgensen took off with confidence being ahead 4-1 in the beginning and with a couple of inaccurate shots from the sixth seeded Indonesian it soon became 9-5 in the Dane’s favour. From there on Jan Ø. Jørgensen opened the door inviting Christie back in the game with some mistakes and also Christie getting better the scoreboard suddenly showed 15-15. When Christie smelled the taste of winning he went on taking the lead 19-17.

Dramatically the Danish 32-ranked player had not given up yet and found his way back equalising first 19-19 and after that 20-20. The home crowd could few moments later send a well deserved applause towards the 31-year old Jan as he slotted home the first game 22-20 which was the first game he won against Christie in 2019.

– There were a lot of opportunities against him in this match. I made a good effort and the lead was changing side all the time. I felt I was close to being there but the gap between us got too big, Jan Ø. Jørgensen concluded on his own performance.

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When the two players took on the second game Jonathan came out and took the initiative. His point count quickly raised to 4-1 and the crowd yelled for Jan to find his rhythm again. He did as he with nice play made it 5-5 but could not keep his grasp around Chrisitie whose point count rose more and more while Jan’s stood still meaning Christie being in front 13-7.

Playing at high tempo Jonathan Christie forced Jørgensen to several mistakes and really found the best of his abilities which brought the match closer to it’s third game. There actually never was no doubt that this would become the scenario and it did with Christie closing it at 21-12.

The crowd were still full of hope on behalf of the Dane and this hope kept growing as he with great variation and playing took the lead 7-5 in the last game. Even though Jan Ø. did well he quickly learned that he had to perform at his highest to win every point and if he did not Christie would always be there ready to punish him. As the game developed Christie’s level did too  and he could after one hour of playing see himself serving for the match 20-11.

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When Jan Ø. Jørgensen placed a shot outside the court Christie’s fourth win against him was a truth. This time the Dane forced him to three games and could surely be satisfied with his effort just accepting that Christie is playing at a high level.

– He is just a very good player that is the short explanation. I am very disappointed about not being more competitive in the third game because I felt that I was able to threaten him today, the Dane stated.

With the win Jonathan Christie will once again face a Dane as Rasmus Gemke is his next opponent.