Jørn Skaarup

Jørn Skaarup won the All England title in all three categories, the men’s singles and mixed doubles in 1948 and men’s doubles in 1950. The doubles titles were with Preben Dabelsteen and Kirsten Thorndahl respectively. Moreover, he was in two finals, in mixed doubles in 1950 with Gitte Rostgaard Frøhne and in men’s doubles in 1947 with Dabelsteen.
Jørn Skaarup was a Danish Champion four times in men’s singles. The last time in 1954, when he managed to defeat the big talent Finn Kobberø in a match where Skaarup showed everybody his fighter instincts.
He won five Danish Championships in men’s doubles and two in mixed doubles. Jørn Skaarup played 29 national matches from 1946-1956.

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