Jonas Rasmussen

The blonde haired doubles specialist has been a prominent character in both Danish as well as international badminton through almost his entire career. Besides having won several prestigious titles around the world, Jonas Rasmussen has also been an important actor in the establishment of the current training culture at the national training.
After having won German Open back in 2003, his career quickly gained speed, and shortly after he became the first European ever to win the China Open. However, there is another title of his that take up more of the attention, namely the one he won with Lars Paaske in the men’s doubles category at the World Championships.
In that category Jonas Rasmussen has also won the All England as well as other big, international tournaments. But also in the mixed doubles category, he was a respected player and a feared opponent, which among other results is proved by his 4th place at the Olympic Games back in 2004.
Besides of having partnered up with Lars Paaske and Rikke Olsen, Jonas Rasmussen has also had the pleasure of playing with Martin Lundgaard, Peter Steffensen and Mads Conrad-Petersen.

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