Kenneth Jonassen

You can reach the top if you work hard. It’s not just a cliché. Just ask Kenneth Jonassen.
The former men’s singles showed throughout his career that when you work hard at the training, you can also reach the international top and have a life in the sport of badminton when the career is over.
From the mid-1990s Kenneth Jonassen was part of the Danish national team, and together with, among others, Peter Gade, Poul-Erik Høyer and Peter Rasmussen Jonassen maked Danish men’s singles some of the world’s best.
In 1996 Jonassen took his first title when he won the Austrian International, and in 1998 Jonassen seriously showed that he was a player who you could count on. Jonassen took the silver medal at the European Championships, while Peter Gade won the gold, and Peter Rasmussen and Poul-Erik Høyer won the bronze.
Four times Jonassen won the silver at the Europeans, and in 2008, he could call himself a European Champion. A title he won in his home town Herning.
Jonassen was also successful in Asia. In 2003 the men’s singles profile won Korea Open, and in 2004 he took the title in Singapore. And Jonassen was throughout his career often among the last players in the tournament, and on several occasions, Jonassen has been number two in the world.
The former men’s singles profile won the Danish nationals in 2004 and 2008 before his career ended in December 2008 at the Copenhagen Masters.
After the retirement Kenneth Jonassen started coaching the Danish national players at the national training, and from summer 2010 Jonassen had the responsibility of the UK singles players.

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