Kirsten Thorndahl

Kirsten Thorndahl (later Granlund) was in the final at All England 17 times but she “only” won 11 times – one time less than Tonny Ahm, who reached the final 15 times.
Kirsten Thorndahl became champion in women’s single in 1948 and was also a finalist in 1947. Five titles were obtained in women’s doubles, four with Tonny Ahm and one with Anni Hammergaard Hansen. Ad to this five championships in mixed doubles, one with Jørn Skaarup and four with Finn Koberø. She thus succeeded in becoming triple champion in 1948 – the year that Denmark won all five titles.
Kirsten played on the national team 34 times from 1946-1963. She also joined the Uber Cup team, which reached the finals in both 1957 and 1966. 40 years passed before Denmark reached another Uber Cup final.

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