Marlene Thomsen

Off the court Marlene Thomsen is quiet and friendly. But on court she is explosive and temperamental. And this gave Marlene a fine badminton career.
With her partner and boyfriend (now husband), Thomas Lund, she managed to stay undefeated in mixed doubles with victories at the World Championships and the Grand Prix finals as the highlights.
With her new partner, Jens Eriksen, she reached the finals at the World Championships in Glasgow. In women’s doubles she played with Anne-Mette Bille, but from ’95 to ’97 her partner was Lisbet Stuer-Lauridsen and they won the European Championships among other titles.
From 1998 “Malle” played with Rikke Olsen and their goal was to win the Gold medal in women’s doubles at the World Championships in Copenhagen in 1999 – but they didn’t succeed.
Marlene was very strong mentally. She had a great will to win every time she stepped onto the court. Marlene’s eye for the play was perhaps her strongest point, especially when she moved towards the net from the backline. She was also very strong defensively.

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