Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan through to second round almost effortlessly

October 16, 2019 5:02 Published by


With Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan being World Champions and Tan Wee Kiong/Goh V Shem being in very good shape and rising in the rankings, the audience had a spectacular match in store. But the Indonesian couple never really let the other team in the game.


With the 2nd and 10th ranked men’s doubles meeting in the first round of DANISA DENMARK OPEN presented by VICTOR, a big clash was bound to happen. But with poised and calm play, Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan managed to get a great start with a 21-16, 21-14 victory.

When the duos have met on earlier occasions, their games have been quite close. Ahsan/Setiawan came in to this difficult game with a lot of humility towards their opponents.

– They are a great couple, and we prepared as good as we could to beat them, said Setiawan.

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The beginning of first set was characterized by what seemed like jitters from the Malaysian duo Tan Wee Kiong/Goh V Shem, who by the break was down with 6-11. They never got closer than four point to the Indonesian double. To tie it all together first set ended with yet another mistake form Tan/Goh with a serv in the net.

Both men’s doubles came out with a strong start in the second set. Goh finally seemed to have found his footing, and with his superb smashes, the Malaysian duo started the second set with a lead until 6-5. Then Ahsan/Setiawan turned on their automatic pilot and got back in lead.

The point for the score 9-7 brought out some amazing shots, hitting the shuttlecock twice through his legs. From thereon forward Ahsan/Setiawan never let Tan/Goh back in the game. The second set ended the same way as the first set with a serv in the net by Goh, who walked of court shaking his head.

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Through the entire match, Ahsan/Setiawan played with extreme tranquility and made almost every shot look easy. Even though they had a good start to the tournament, they are still keeping their heads in the game.

– We are very grateful to be through to the next round, and we are preparing for next match because it is still a long journey, said Ahsan.

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