Peter Rasmussen

Peter Rasmussen is a former World Champion in men’s singles – and yet he is very modest. He is not the type to brag or show off. Rasmussen let his racket speak for him and he did it so well that he won the World Championships in 1997 in Scotland after a memorable and dramatic final against China’s Sun Jun.
In the following years, Peter Rasmussen was almost constantly unable to play due to injuries and he played very few tournaments after 1997. But in 2002 he made his comeback at the Danish Championships and that same year he became European Champion by defeating Kenneth Jonassen in the final.
Rasmussen was always very goal-oriented and structured, he kept a training diary, and when he was very young he hired a Chinese coach. He has been called “the white Chinese” due to his Chinese-inspired style with hop smashes and powerful foot work.
Peter used many concealed strokes and was very good at the net. Among other titles he won two Danish Championships in men’s singles in 1997 and 1999, and in 1995 he reached the final in Danish Open, as it was called back then.

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