Poul-Erik Nielsen

Contrary to his younger brother, Knud Aage Nielsen, Poul-Erik Nielsen was a doubles specialist, winning three All England titles in doubles.
Poul-Erik won his first men’s doubles title in 1958 with Erland Kops, his second one in 1960 with Finn Kobberø and one mixed double championship with Inge Birgit Anker Hansen in 1959. He also made his way to the final in five other occasions from 1956 to 1964, having to make due with silver medals.
Poul-Erik also became national champion once in men’s doubles with Erland Kops, and three times in mixed doubles, twice with his All England partner Birgit, and once with Kirsten Thorndahl.
Finally he managed to win the Nordic Championship twice in mixed doubles, and played 33 matches for Denmark from 1954 to 1964.

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