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Strengthen Asian business ties over badminton

May 29, 2020 2:35 Published by

Enhance your Asian partnerships and business connections during Danisa Denmark Open this autumn. Odense Robotics and Destination Fyn are now offering companies in the Odense Robotics cluster a unique way to network with Asian collaborators through an experience highly coveted in Asia. Last year, Nordbo Robotics made use of the offer when they invited partners from China to join them at the tournament for an exclusive event. CEO Leo Zhou describes their experience in this article.


Odense Robotics and Destination Fyn have teamed up with Badminton Denmark to offer the robotics cluster an exclusive way to improve Asian business relationships. Companies now have the chance to invite business associates to the event, where they can enjoy dinner, front row seats and guided backstage tours, where guests can meet the players.

During Danisa Denmark Open in 2019, Nordbo Robotics used the offer and invited partners Amphenol to join them for the match in Odense. This proved a more enticing way to nurture Chinese relations, as badminton tickets are hard to obtain in China.

– The offer from Odense Robotics and Destination Fyn is a unique opportunity to nourish business relations. For Nordbo Robotics, it was the perfect way to strengthen our ongoing business relationship with our biggest client in China. Badminton tickets are exceedingly difficult to come by in China, and if you do manage to get tickets they are in the back and no way near the players. This coupled with the fact that badminton is a beloved sport in China and the players are seen viewed as superstars, made the offer an obvious choice to share with our guests. They had the chance to meet the players and have their photo taken with them, and they were really impressed with the whole experience, says Leo Zhou, CEO, Nordbo Robotics.

Part of the strategy of the collaboration between Odense Robotics, Destination Fyn and Badminton Denmark is to create value for companies on Funen with their associates in Asia.

– In China, the interest in badminton is huge, and the players are superstars on the same level as international football players in Denmark. To be able to invite guests to Odense and up close to the players – and even meet the players backstage is a wow factor, which is almost indescribable, and which would be impossible in other countries. This is why Danisa Denmark Open is the perfect addition to a company visit from Asia, one which can help create or strengthen the business relationship, says Kasper Roe Iversen, Business Developer, Destination Fyn.

During the event last year, Midtfyns Bryghus provided Amphenol employees with beer, while Destination Fyn gave the company an autographed Danish national team shirt, both of which the Chinese company brought back with them to be auctioned off during their annual company party. More than 700 employees attend this annual event, which always includes an auction where the proceeds go to an employee fund for employees with special needs.

– The beer garnered DKK 5,000, while the shirt went for DKK 75,000, which just goes to show you how highly our client appreciated the visit. During Danisa Denmark Open, we had the opportunity to bond over a shared interest where we could get to know each other in a casual setting. The experience was so much stronger than a regular business dinner, and front row badminton tickets and meet and greets with the players is simply a rarity in Asia. The event was a great chance for us to offer our guests a unique and exclusive experience to share together, concludes Leo Zhou.