Thygesen/Fruergaard are finely tuned to once more hunt that very special feeling

October 8, 2020 10:03 Published by


For the Danish women’s doubles pair, Sara Thygesen and Maiken Fruergaard, 2020 began more than well, as they fought their way to second place at the Indonesia Masters, making it their highest placement so far. The Danish women dreamt of riding their wave of success from Indonesia to even greater heights. Then came coronavirus, and that dream dissolved in an instant.


On 19 January this year, Sara Thygesen and Maiken stood side-by-side on the podium at the historic Istora Senayan. Their smiles revealed how significant this moment was for them. And a significant moment it was, for it was the biggest triumph of their careers, explains Maiken Fruergaard.

– It was an indescribable feeling; it was by far the best performance of our careers so far. The feeling we got, as we played the biggest match of our lives in a hall where the atmosphere was at boiling point and full of people who love badminton – it’s a feeling we’re going to hunt again, she grins.

The good performance in Indonesia and the second place in the Super 500 tournament showed the women that they could feel at home with the world’s absolute best. With the scent of blood in their nostrils, and the feeling of riding a wave of success, the women’s doubles team thought they would create more outstanding World Tour results in the near future.

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But that was not how it would go. The coronavirus pandemic soon brough everyday life to a standstill, and a suspension of the World Tour became a necessary evil. To the great disappointment of the Danish women’s doubles duo, who had just got the wind in their sails.

– We had got off to a good start in 2020. The final placement clearly made us believe in ourselves more. That placement showed us that we can throw down with the world’s best duo, so we were eager to get out there and create more good results, notes a disappointed Sara Thygesen.

Maiken Fruergaard came away with the same feeling.

– In short, it was pretty crappy. We were playing well at the time and believed in ourselves more than we ever had before. So of course, it was like a slap in the face when we couldn’t get out there and hunt for more top results.”

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Not only do the pair miss getting out there and playing in the big international tournaments and championships, but they also miss the lifestyle the comes with being a professional badminton player in general.

– I miss visiting our favourite places around the world, I miss not having to make food every day, and I miss sleeping in hotels, explains Sara Thygesen, while her partner Maiken Fruergaard observes that what she misses most is that kick and adrenaline rush she gets when she’s on the court for an important match.

Luckily for the duo, international top-level badminton is soon resuming, much to the joy of Denmark’s best women’s doubles pair.

– I am totally ready to get out there and play again, I’m super excited. I hope we can get back to our top game and create more good results when the season resumes, states Maiken Fruergaard.