Tine Baun

The story about Tine Baun (formerly Tine Rasmussen) is indeed a memorable one.
Like in the old H. C. Andersen fairy tale about The Ugly Duckling, where no one believed that this little duckling could rise up to become a beautiful swan, no one saw Tine Baun coming when she started her climb to the top and rose to the task of becoming Camilla Martin’s successor in the women’s singles category.
After having won her first big, international tournament in 2007 in Japan, she had a marvellous and succesful 2008, where she both won her first All England title and claimed several Super Series medals, including gold in Malaysia and Singapore. Her second All England title came in 2010.
In total, Tine Baun has won the prestigious All England no less than three times. And as if that fact alone was not enough, the beautiful and remarkable thing about her third English gold medal is that it was won in her last tournament ever as a professional badminton player in March 2013.
During her career Tine Baun also managed to climb all the way to the top and rank as the world’s best women’s singles player.
Finally Tine Baun can also boast of having incredible ten national championship medals hanging on her trophy wall.

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