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When the men’s singles player, Rasmus Gemke’s filled-up tournament schedule switched to national team training in Brøndby only, he saw it as an obvious opportunity to become an even better badminton player. An enduring ambition, which helped keep motivation high at a time when many of the day’s waking hours were spent in the fitness centre.


– I’m passionate about getting even better.

In short, that’s exactly Rasmus Gemke’s message.

Along with that passion, there was also a positive mindset that the 23-year-old men’s singles player carried with him over the long training period, which the tournament break caused by the coronavirus pandemic became: the opportunity to become a better badminton player.

– I’m of the opinion that the more hours spent on the court, the better you get, and I’ve therefore been very motivated, even though there haven’t been any tournaments on the schedule. I’ve looked at this extra-long training period as an opportunity for me to develop myself into becoming a better men’s singles player, states Rasmus Gemke.

This mindset meant that, amongst other things, the young Aarhus native was quick to accept and resign himself to a new daily life, and, according to Gemke himself, this has been essential for keeping his attitude and motivation from dropping off.

– I have tried to deal positively with the situation by accepting it. Right at the start, in particular, I was really motivated, because it’s rare that we get the chance to train so much and build on what needs building, he believes.

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Since the coronavirus pandemic first broke out and affected Gemke’s and the rest of the world’s elite players’ daily lives, the men’s singles player has been conscious of the fact that the situation was out of his hands. He therefore kept his focus on training himself and his badminton game, everything else was kept at a distance.

– When I’ve trained, I’ve, in a certain way, been exclusively inside that bubble, and that’s functioned really well for me. I’ve been good at not thinking too much about what’s happened around the globe, and this whole situation. I’ve been very focused on the ’now’ and stuck to the things Kenneth (Jonassen, ed.) and I have agreed.

The many hours in the fitness centre and badminton hall have, according to Rasmus Gemke, meant that he’s in excellent shape ahead of this year’s Denmark Open.

– I think I’m in a great place. I’m right where I want to be, in terms of form. It’s clear that there are things I’m missing, but I’m certain I’ll have it under control when I’m standing on the court in Odense.

Good form isn’t the only thing the tournament break has given Rasmus Gemke. The tournament break freed up so much time that the world’s 17th ranked player has had the time and energy to obtain a driver’s licence.

– The tournament break gave me the kick to go get a driver’s licence, so much of my time was also spent on that. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have had time for the lessons, but with an empty tournament schedule I had the chance, and I seized it. I guess it’s one of the positive things I’ve got from the corona situation and the tournament break, he notes.

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