Transport in Odense

When travelling to and in Odense, we highly recommend, that you use Google Maps or the navigation tool of your choice. Remember to update your navigation system because the traffic may change from day to day. 
Otherwise, there’ll be some helpful information below.


Use route 161-162 if you want to take the bus; use this timetable when going to Odense Congress Center from Odense Railway Station (OBC Nord Plads I).
If you want to leave Odense Congress Center by bus, use this timetable.
At Odense Railway station, the bus stop is located behind the station; please follow the signs as they will guide you to the right place.


If you want a taxi to take you to Odense Congress Center from Odense Railway Station, you’ll find the taxi stop just outside the station, next to the bus stop. 
Please follow the signs at the station, as they will guide you to the right place.
You can also call Odense Taxi at +0045 66122712 and order a car.


For those who want to experience the city as well as have a transport vehicle, we recommend Donkey Republic where you can find rentable bikes. For more information, see: Rent a bike in Odense – Donkey Republic – Every ride counts 
Use your navigation system or this website directions to find the best or most scenic route to Odense Congress Center.


If you travel by car from Jutland or Zealand to Odense Congress Center, use the highway exit marked number 49 (the intersection Odense/Svendborg) and follow the signs to Odense (and Odense Congress Center).

Electric scooter

Odense also offers a variety of electric scooters that can be used for transportation. 
Use one of the following options:
Voi scooters How to Voi – Your adventure starts with the Voi app (

Tier scooters Help – TIER

Bolt scooters Bolt in Odense
Lime scooters Vehicles | Lime Micromobility