Victor Denmark Junior Team


In 2022 we have a team tournament in Odense for youth players the days before the VICTOR DENMARK JUNIOR.

Badminton Denmark invites the best U15 and U17 national teams from Asia and Europe and the best region teams from Denmark to compete in Odense.

This is the tournament where youth players get the opportunity to play a team tournament side by side with best badminton players in the world, at DENMARK OPEN presented by VICTOR.

The teams will get a great experience with teams from other countries to see the top level in their age group and in the individual tournament, players from all over the world.

By joining the tournament you’ll get a great experience, and you get to participate in the VICTOR DENMARK JUNIOR TEAM youth team tournament. Furthermore, you get free access to top badminton at the DENMARK OPEN presented by VICTOR, on the first day your team are playing the junior team tournament. This is a great opportunity to see the stars. Transport will be provided between the playing venue and Jyske Bank Arena where the main venue is located.

Invited teams will get more information in the invitation.