– We’re coming out stronger on the other side

October 9, 2020 12:49 Published by


For the relatively newly minted mixed doubles pair of Mathias Christiansen and Alexandra Bøje, the tournament break caused by the coronavirus pandemic did not actually come at the worst time, quite the opposite, in fact. – We needed a tournament break and a good, long training period, states the male half of the team, assuring that they will come back stronger than they were before COVID-19. 


Lots of tournaments, lots of travel, and little time for training.

If you are at the peak of your career and your game, that’s likely to be just how you would want your schedule to look.

However, as a relatively young and newly established doubles pair, this was not the case, and is precisely why the coronavirus pandemic came at a rather opportune moment for Mathias Christiansen and Alexandra Bøje.

– We had really played a lot at that point [the end of March 2020]. Lots of tournaments and lots of travel to a degree I wasn’t used to. It was rough for me, so at the start it actually felt perfectly fine to be taking a break, believes Alexandra Bøje.

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Despite the busy tournament schedule long having been a part of partner Mathias Christiansen’s everyday life, it was just about time for a break for him as well, he explains.

– I think that at that point I was a bit full, in a way. We had played in a lot of tournaments, many ending in defeat, so really it was actually fine to have some downtime, notes Mathias Christiansen, pointing out that the unusually long break had worked out particularly well for the duo’s partnership.

– We’ve dealt a bit with some injuries and rushed off to tournaments, so it’s definitely been good for us to just put in a lot of hours to train our partnership. We’ve needed it, states Christiansen.

The pair, ranked 27th in the world, have spent many of their hours on the training court working on their communication on the court and on serving, amongst other things.

Both also agree that their work has paid off, and that they’ll be coming back even stronger than they were before the coronavirus pandemic.

– I think I could feel the difference as time was going on, and we’ve also been able to perform many of the things we’ve worked on in the training matches we’ve played. I feel like we’re getting better and better, states Alexandra Bøje, adding that the developments have been a particularly strong motivating factor for her.

– The whole way through, I’ve been able to see the training pay off, and it has definitely been a factor that has played a role, in terms of my motivation, when there haven’t been any particularly tournaments or specific championships to train for.

The hunger to get into a real fight with something on the line is therefore even greater today.

– The break has gone on long enough now. I’m really looking forward to getting out there and playing, travelling, and participating in tournaments again, Christiansen considers.

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