World champion through to next round

October 15, 2019 1:34 Published by


The women’s world champion is through to second round at DANISA DENMARK OPEN 2019 presented by VICTOR after a close game. Pursula V. Sindhu showed mental strength after being down with a game point to Gregoria Tunjung.


Despite their young ages Pursula V. Sindhu, 24, and Gregoria Tunjung, 20, have already met five times. All five times the Indian has pulled away with a victory and today was no different.

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The first game was extremely close. At the break, Sindhu was in the lead 11-9, but after a few mistakes Tunjung soon took the lead with three points. The Indonesian managed to keep that lead giving her a set point but a well-played shuttle down in the corner by Sindhu avoided her losing the first game.

– Even though she was leading, I didn’t think that it was over but I fought back. I was making simple errors from my side but I think I made sure that I just had to play the shuttle in the court and after 20-20 it was anybody’s game. For me it was just one point at the time and I think that is what made me win, Sindhu explained after the match.

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It was clear they know each other quite well and both seemed to be well prepared for today’s match. Both of them made points on the other ones mistakes and they both seemed to be having trouble finding the lines. The second game was again a close affair but a focused Sindhu always seemed to be one step ahead.

– I didn’t take it easy from the start and she played some good net shorts where I had to just lift them out or make mistakes but I think from the first point I was very much alert and it was very important for me to just be focused.

With the digits 22-20, 21-18 Sindhu are ready for her second round where she will be playing against the Korean player An Se Young.