Five winners of VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2023 have been crowned: read all about the five finals


After six days of world class badminton and some of the sport’s biggest names and brightest stars, five winners have been named after five intense finals. 

WD: Nami Matsuyama/Chiharu Shida (5.) – Chen Qing Chen/ Jia Yi Fan (1.): 16-21, 13-21. 

Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yi Fan have once again won VICTOR DENMARK OPEN. 

The chinese pair was the favorite beforehand and hit the ground running in the final. The japanese pair Matsuyama/Shida fought bravely and showed glimpses of control, but the challenge of the four times world champions Chen/Jia proved to be too much of a challenge, and the chinese ended up winning comfortably in two games.

It is Chen/Jia’s second Denmark Open title after having won last year. They were in the final in 2019 where they lost to Baek Ha-na/Jung Kyung-eun from Korea. 

XD: Zheng Si Wei/Huang Ya Qiong (1.) – Feng Yan Zhe/Huang Dong Ping (3.): 21-16, 15-21, 26-24. 

Feng Yan Zhe/Huang Dong Ping have avenged their finals loss from last year and won VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2023. 

The purely chinese final in the mixeddouble category was a matchup between two of the category’s best pairs and a repeat of the Denmark Open final of 2022. 

Last year Zheng/Huang came out victorious in a thrilling match in three games. This year the two chinese doubles delivered exciting badminton once again and it proved to be almost a complete reenactment of last year’s final, but with a different outcome as Feng/Huang won their first Denmark Open title

In a once again thrilling three game match with both pairs taking turn in offensive minded play and gaining and losing control. The crowd loved what they saw from the two pairs, and Feng/Huang received standing ovations as they celebrated their win.

WS: Carolina Marina (6.) – Chen Yu Fei (2.): 14-21, 19-21. 

Chen Yu Fei wins her first VICTOR DENMARK OPEN in her second final. 

The two latest Olympic gold winners faced each other in what was predicted to be one of the highlights of Sunday’s finals. 

The first game had Chen Yu Fei written all over it, and the chinese single player were on cruise control towards the title. Carolina Marin fought back in the second game, but Chen Yu Fei eliminated her mistakes, kept her head cool and took home the trophy. 

MD: Muhammad Shohibul Fikri/Bagas Maulana – Aaron Chia/Soh Wooi Yik (5.): 13-21, 17-21. 

Aaron Chia/Soh Wooi Yik have won their first VICTOR DENMARK OPEN title. 

In a matchup between last year’s indonesia All England-winners against last year’s world champions the latter was dominant throughout the match. 

Fikri/Maulana have been one of the tournaments most positive surprises, but in the final there was no doubt that Chia/Soh would win the match and take home the trophy. 

It is Chia/Soh’s first Denmark Open title. 

MS: Lee Zii Jia – Weng Hong Yang: 12-21, 6-21.

Weng Hong Yang delivers one of Sunday’s biggest upsets and beats Lee Zii Jia comfortably to take home the VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2023 trophy.

The Malaysian start never got going, and the young Chinese player took advantage of every mistake from the Malaysian, and played some great offensive badminton. Two quick games, and the game was never in doubt. 

Weng Hong Yang wins his first Super 750 tournament in his first Denmark Open final. 




Ten players/pairs are ready to fight for glory in the finals at VICTOR DENMARK OPEN: Who will take the trophy home?


We have reached the final day at VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2023. The stars are ready to leave it all on the court to take home the title and trophy.

Olympic champions, World Champions, defending VICTOR DENMARK OPEN champions, that is what awaits the crowd in Jyske Bank Arena on the final day. The highly anticipated matches will no doubt deliver some of the best badminton the game has to offer. Once again the Danish crowd are set to be spoiled by some of our sport’s biggest names and a home crowd favorite to cheer for.

The finals at this year’s VICTOR DENMARK OPEN are:

WS: Carolina Marin(6.) – Chen Yu Fei(2.) 


MS: Lee Zii Jia – Weng Hong Yang 


MD: Muhammad Shohibul Fikri/Bagas Maulana – Aaron Chia/Soh Wooi Yik (5.)


WD: Nami Matsuyama/Chiharu Shida (5.) – Chen Qing Chen/ Jia Yi Fan (1.)


XD: Zheng Si Wei/Huang Ya Qiong (1.) – Feng Yan Zhe/Huang Dong Ping (3.)

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One for the books: read all about the exciting semifinals at VICTOR DENMARK OPEN


After ten amazing semifinals, ten players/pairs are now ready for the finals on sunday. The Danish crowd in Jyske Bank Arena was once again spoiled with world class play and big upsets.

::Ten matches, a lot of great play, close fixtures, and now ten players/pairs are ready for Sunday’s finals in their pursuit of glory at VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2023. 

Mathias Christiansen/Alexandra Bøje – Feng Yan Zhe/Huang Dong Ping (3.): 11-21, 19-21.

After a great tournament, Mathias Christiansen/Alexandra Bøje are out of this year’s VICTOR DENMARK OPEN. 

Feng Yan Zhe/Huang Dong Ping hit the ground running in the semifinals, and quickly gained control with great play. In the second game Christiansen/Bøje fought back and picked up pace towards the end. The Danish pair managed to fend off three match points, but the comeback was not completed. 

Kim/Astrup/Anders Skaarup (7.) – Aaron Chia/Soh Wooi Yik (5.): 21-16, 15,21, 15-21.

Kim Astrup/Anders Skaarup have played phenomenal badminton this season, and their VICTOR DENMARK OPEN campaign has been no exception. Unfortunately for the Danish badminton crowd the campaign ends with an exit in the semifinals.

Chia/Soh delivered great offensive play and were able to turn the match around after af loss in the first game. The second and third game had Chia/Soh written all over, and the malaysian pair were able to advance to the final where they will face Muhammad Shohibul Fikri/Bagas Maulana from Indonesia. 

Some of the most significant results from today includes: 


Zheng Si Wei/Huang Ya Qiong(1.) – Seo Seung Jae/Chae Yu Yung(4.): 21-16, 21-16. 


Carolina Marin(6.) – Pusarla V. Sindhu: 21-18, 19-21, 21-7.


Han Yue(8.)  – Chen Yu Fei(3.): 18-21, 12-21.


Shi Yu Qi(6.) – Weng Hong Yang: 19-21, 14-21. 


Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto(1.) – Muhammad Shohibul Fikri/Bagas Maulana: 11-21, 21-16, 12-21.  

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We have reached the semifinals at VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2023 and a lot of great fixtures await


The quarterfinals had it all: Great three game matches, big upsets and a lot of long and exciting rallies. The semifinals await today in Odense. Who will reach the finals of this year’s VICTOR DENMARK OPEN?

A lot of great matchups await today in the semifinals of VICTOR DENMARK OPEN. Olympic gold medalists, world champions, defending Denmark Open champions and a lot of other great badminton players are ready to take the court and try to reach the final. The home crowd is once again spoiled with Danish fixtures in Jyske Bank Arena on a great badminton-day.

Some of the most significant semifinals today includes: 

Zheng Si Wei/Huang Ya Qiong(1.) – Seo Seung Jae/Chae Yu Yung(4.)

Carolina Marin(6.) – Pusarla V. Sindhu


Feng Yan Zhe/Huang Dong Ping(3.) – Mathias Christiansen/Alexandra Bøje


Shi Yu Qi(6.) – Weng Hong Yang 


Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto(1.) – Muhammad Shohibul Fikri/Bagas Maulana 

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The quarterfinals brought great play, tough duels and big surprises at VICTOR DENMARK OPEN


Another day in the books at VICTOR DENMARK OPEN 2023. The quarterfinals on friday lived up to its high expectations and brought the best out of the stars on the two courts. In this article you can read all about the Danish matches and results of the most significant fixtures.

Mathias Christiansen/Alexandra Bøje – Ye Hong Wei/Lee Chia Hsin: 21-17, 18-21, 21-13. 

Mathias Christiansen/Alexandra Bøje are ready for the semifinals after yet another thrilling three game match. 

The danish pair seemed in control throughout the majority of the first game, and came out victorious. The taiwanese double managed to fight back and played with great courage. The third game seemed as close as the second, and it appeared to come down to margins. After the break midway through the third game, Mathias Christiansen/Alexandra Bøje turned their game up a notch and made sure the win was not in doubt. It is their first semifinal as a pair.

In the semifinal the danish mixeddouble will face the third seeded chinese pair Feng Yan Zhe/Huang Dong Ping.

Rasmus Gemke – Lee Cheuk Yie: 17-21, 12-21. 

Rasmus Gemke’s tournament came to an end in the quarterfinal against Lee Cheuk Yie. 

Gemke has played some of his best badminton in this year’s VICTOR DENMARK OPEN, but the tank seemed empty in this evening’s matchup with Lee Cheuk Yie. The singles player from Hong Kong used the beginning of the first game to figure out his Danish opponent, and midway through the first game Lee Cheuk Yie gained control and never gave it up. Lee Cheuk Yie advance comfortably to the semifinals where he will face Lee Zii Jia.

Kim Astrup/Anders Skaarup(7.) – Ong Yew Sin/Teo Ee Yin: 21-19, 11-21, 21-14.

Kim Astrup/Anders Skaarup are ready for yet another semifinal in a great season.

Another thrilling three game match on a great badminton-day in Odense. The first game was a close contest and could have gone either way. The Malaysians fought bravely and took home the second. In the third and deciding game the Danes gained control and the result was never in doubt.

Tomorow in the semifinal Astrup/Skaarup will face the fifth seed Aaron Chia/Soh Wooi Yik. 

Some of the most significant results from the quarterfinals:

Chen Qing Chen/Jia Yi Fan(1.) – Yeung Nga Ting/Yeung Pui Lam: 21-14, 21-15.


Seo Seung Jae/Chae Yu Jung(4.) – Thom Gicquel/Delphine Delrue(7.): 22-24, 21-19, 22-20.


Carolina Marin(6.) – Tai Tzu Ying(4.): 19-21, 21-15, 21-18.


Chen Yu Fei(3.) – He Bing Jiao(5.): 21-15, 21-18


Shi Yu Qi(6.) – Loh Kean Yew: 21-11,21-19.


Weng Hong Yang – Anthony Ginting(2.): 21-15, 21-9. 

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