Welcome to ODENSE

Odense is Denmark’s third largest city with 200,000 inhabitants. It was once the site of a viking ring fortress on the banks of the Odense River. Due to this rich history, it has for centuries been a favorite destination for visitors and is particularly known as the hometown of the renowned fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen. In addition, Odense is the hometown of the Olympic- and World Champion in badminton, Viktor Axelsen. 


H.C. Andersen is celebrated in a recently opened and beautifully designed experience house. The New Hans Christian Andersen House located in a beautiful garden in the core of the city centre. You can walk in his footsteps and at the same time get a historic tour along cosy cobblestone streets and charming old colourful houses. This is one of the main reasons why the New York Times has Odense on their list of the 52 places to visit in the world in 2023.

Moreover, there are memorable experiences at Brandt’s Museum of Arts, the historic museum Møntergården, the Skt. Knuds Cathedral dating back to the 1300s and named after the viking king Canute the Saint, the charming Fairytale Garden next to the City Hall and many more places.

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Centre of innovation, knowledge and education

An ambitious urban development plan is currently transforming the city with new green urban spaces, a city centre restricting cars and a brand-new university hospital physically linked to the university. All connected by an environment friendly lightrail.

This transformation will further consolidate Odense’s position as a centre of innovation, knowledge and education, with strong clusters in the fields of robotics, drones, health technology and IT.

Everything within walking distance

With its size and pedestrian friendly streets and pathways, Odense is ideally designed for combining the world class badminton experiences at Jyske Bank Arena with city activities.
The city layout invites guests to wander its cobblestone streets with colourful houses, small shops and rows of cafés. The Odense River flowing through the heart of the city offers the chance for both relaxation and physical activity along beautiful green oases.

A favourite spot for locals to meet for a bite and a drink is Storms Pakhus Street food market, located close to the harbour and housed in a delicately restored warehouse.

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As the world’s leading cobot hub with an excellent startup environment, a huge national cluster, academic centres, and advanced education possibilities – the city is one of the world’s top locations for robotics and automation activities, currently holding over 160 companies within this rapidly growing industry.

As of 2023, more than 1 billion Euros has been invested in Odense robotics companies. The collaboration between local government (the City of Odense), knowledge institutions, and industry representatives makes for a rare, innovative ecosystem only matched by a few other cities in the world. In Odense, the key elements to a thriving robotics industry are united: economy, expertise, capacity.


When travelling to and in Odense, we highly recommend that you use Google Maps or the navigation tool of your choice. Remember to update your navigation system because the traffic may change from day to day. 
Otherwise, there is some helpful information below.


Use route 161-162 if you want to take the bus; use this timetable when going to Jyske Bank Arena from Odense Railway Station (OBC Nord Plads I). If you want to depart from Jyske Bank Arena by bus, use this timetable.
At Odense Railway station, the bus stop is located behind the station; please follow the signs as they will guide you to the right place.


You can easily travel with the light rail around Odense, where you can buy a ticket via the QR codes at the stations or the light rail train, or buy your ticket at www.letbanebillet.dk. 

The ticket costs DKK 15 and is valid for one hour. The nearest stop to the arena is ‘Bilka’ and from here you can walk to the arena in approx. 10 minutes. 
See timetable here: www.odenseletbane.dk/timetable


If you want a taxi to take you to Jyske Bank Arena from Odense Railway Station, you will find the taxi stop just outside the station, next to the bus stop. 
Please follow the signs at the station, as they will guide you to the right place.
You can also call Odense Taxi at +0045 66122712 and order a taxi.


For those who want to experience the city as well as have a transport vehicle, we recommend Donkey Republic where you can find rentable bikes.
For more information, see: Rent a bike in Odense – Donkey Republic – Every ride counts
Use your navigation system or this website odenserundt.dk directions to find the best or most scenic route to Jyske Bank Arena.


If you travel by car from Jutland or Zealand to Jyske Bank Arena, use the highway exit marked number 49 (the intersection Odense/Svendborg) and follow the signs to Odense (and Odense Congress Center).

Electric scooter

Odense also offers a variety of electric scooters that can be used for transportation. 
Use one of the following options:
Voi scooters How to Voi – Your adventure starts with the Voi app (voiscooters.com)

Tier scooters Help – TIER

Bolt scooters Bolt in Odense
Lime scooters Vehicles | Lime Micromobility


In Odense, Denmark Open participants and spectators will experience a strong gastronomic scene ranging from street food to new Nordic Michelin star-cuisine. The city has charming historic neighbourhoods and a vibrant city life with restaurants, shopping, sights and cultural experiences.
With a thriving culinary scene, working creatively with the wide selection of fresh, local produce, Odense has a lot to offer for the foodies. There is a great pride in serving products grown in the local fields or caught in the waters surrounding the island.

Local specialties include beer from the many local microbreweries, cheeses and chocolates. Do not miss out on Fyn’s beloved and famous cake, the “brunsviger”.

Photo credit: Storms Pakhus