During DENMARK OPEN 2022 presented by VICTOR, kids are offered a lot of opportunities and activities in Kids Zone.

Kids Zone is an amazing zone for children in all ages that needs a break from the intensive atmosphere in the main hall. In Kids Zone the children can relax, challenge their (new) friends and enjoy games:

  • Challenge your friends to a fight in the sumo ring
  • Or take a ride on the mechanical bull
  • And so much more

Furthermore, there are always staff members (The Kids Zone Crew), so the children are never alone and without supervision in the zone. So, if anything happens or the children have any questions, there is always an adult they can turn to.

Kids Zone have many daily competitions, some which involves badminton, and some that don’t. This means, that you don’t have to be brilliant at badminton to participate in the daily competitions.

The zone is an amazing haven for children in all ages, and is certainly a place and space, where the kids can meet new friends.
So visit us in Kids Zone on the first floor (next to the cafeteria and the entrance to the main hall) and join other children in play, relaxing, cosiness and laughs.